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Travel planning

Wondering how to work with a travel advisor?

Review the stages below to understand how you can get from vacation dreaming to bon voyaging.

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No fees

I'm a no-fee travel advisor

My services are complimentary to you because I'm paid by the supplier of your vacation after you travel (for example, if you cruise on Virgin Voyages, the supplier is Virgin). A travel advisor's commission is already built in to the price of the supplier's trip, regardless of how the reservation is booked. So if you book your own vacation directly, the supplier just keeps that bit.

Here's an analogy - If you book the trip yourself, it's like you're using the self-check at the grocery store. If I book your trip, I'm the checker and the bagger. The price of the food is the same, but I'll do the heavy lifting for you while you wait!

It's a win-win-win situation:

You save priceless time, get highly personalized service, and get properly matched with the right experience. You're also supporting a small business.

The supplier knows you'll have a fantastic vacation because you were connected to the destination perfect for you and will want to visit again.

I'm compensated by the supplier for pursuing my passion of helping people connect to the world around them.

Booking process

Our path forward as we plan your vacation



Decision, deposit, and travel protection

Final payment, finalization, and empowerment


When you request my help booking your vacation, I'll ask you questions to narrow my research. Some of the most important are: the dates you want to travel, the types of experiences you're looking for, your budget, and - for international destinations - do you have a passport in hand that will be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your trip?

I'll provide several options based on the information you gave me and let you know your next steps after you've chosen your destination. It's important to remember at this stage that pricing and availability from the supplier is subject to change until you make a deposit!

We'll make your deposit to secure your booking, review the supplier's Terms & Conditions, and I'll offer you travel protection. Some types of insurance, for example, Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR), require a purchase decision very quickly after your trip deposit.

We'll make your final payment, and then I'll be finalizing trip details on my end, such as confirmations. I'll empower you with information you may need during your journey, such as who to call in your local time zone if you need help overseas.

You'll enjoy new experiences in your lovely destination! After you've returned, I'll ask for feedback about your trip, and even a picture if you'd like to share!

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